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We give you the RFP easy button. 

Our cloud-based software gives employee benefit brokers and insurance carriers extra time to focus on what's important: Writing business.

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Can you imagine a 4th quarter without your hair a-flame?

We help put the fire out.

WatchTower provides software that improves quality, transparency, and communication between brokers and carriers. We take the messy, complicated RFP process and simplify it down to a few steps, saving you from lost time and crispy hair. Say goodbye to the endless emails, disparate notes and edits, and disorganized spreadsheets of 1995, and hello to a solution that lifts you into the cloud.


We help brokerage firms:

  • Reduce the time and effort required to run RFPs by 50%
  • Easily compare plans side-by-side on the web any time, any where
  • Educate and impress your clients with comprehensive plan analysis, benchmarking and market data
  • Add consistency to your process, and enjoy consistency in your carriers’ response

We help insurance carriers:

  • Keep your reps in the field, instead of in the office doing paperwork
  • Communicate your differentiators to win more business the right way
  • Reduce operational costs by receiving RFPs in a consistent, organized manner
  • Increase the quality and accuracy of your bids from time of release through implementation

Start an RFP in less than 5 minutes

BaseLine Analytics package

Manage invites, due dates, and access in the platform

Compare bids side-by-side

Collaborate with carriers right in the platform

Easily conduct cost analysis

Track edits and bid history

Check the accuracy of new policies

Highlight benefit enhancements or takeaways in color

Receive project status alerts and reminders

Export cleanly formatted Excel for presentation

RFP set-up and unlimited technical support

Submit or decline bids within minutes

Easily compare your bid to the broker’s request

Collaborate with your broker right in the platform

Track edits and bid history

Know when competitors act on a bid

Highlight value differentiators to your broker

Tailor your bid to your company’s contract language

Present pro designed bids with your laptop or tablet

Receive project status alerts and reminders

Receive formatted in-force policy analysis

Multiple screen and device optimized for work on-the-go

Help center and unlimited technical support


WatchTower's mission is to bring the employee benefit insurance distribution process into the 21st century. By replacing outdated tools with modern technology, we power insurance companies and brokers to be smarter, faster, and more reliable for the employers and employees that depend on them.

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Our platform was designed by employee benefit people for employee benefit people.

WatchTower was created by a group of insurance specialists, who have a deep understanding and care for their fellow professionals, employers looking for quality non-medical benefits, and employees who need vital protection. We provide what many other companies can't: A unique perspective that combines benefits experience and technology.


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